ABRA Province: Why ABRA Province Should Be Your NEXT Tourism Destination

By: Nickson Garcia

Abra Province is located among the Cordillera Administrative Region and was the major destination of Untold Adventures Philippines for the month of July 2016. The province of Abra has been on my list of province to explore for quite some time, but lack of tourism information on the internet made my research quite a challenge. Luckily for me, I was able to contact the right person at the best time we needed each other.

Due to lack of information on WHERE and WHAT to explore at Abra Province, I am making a list of possible reasons why Abra should be your next destination.

1.      Cross the TANGADAN tunnel

Tangadan tunnel is located at San Quintin Abra which measures at least 40meters long and serves as entry way before reaching Abra province proper. Beside the tunnel is the Gabriela Silang monument which was built in order to commemorate her heroism during the revolutionary era.

2.      Taste the homemade MIKI pancit

Located at Bangued Abra, we had our breakfast at Patucanay pancitan which is home of Miki pancit. For an amount of PhP35.00, one can enjoy this tasty delicacy.

According to locals, there are lots of homemade miki pancit canteens all over Bangued and it is open as early as 5:00am. Regardless of their status in life, people come and eat on these places. As simple as it looks, it taste really good.

3.      Appreciate art at GABRIELA CARIŇO SILANG art gallery

This ancestral home located at Tayum Abra wherein some living members of the Cariňo family resides is now a home for thousands of arts and antique collections of Retired Ambassador Rosario Cariňo. Inside are some art works of famous painters such as Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and Pablo Picaso. It also displays extensive antique items which were collections of Ambassador Cariňo during his tenure as an Ambassador.

An entrance fee of PhP100.00 per person and PhP15.00 for students (but FREE for Abra locals) are being collected as fee. Unlike any other museum/art gallery, this tour can surely make your tour worth it.

4.      Pass by DON MARIANO MARCOS bridge

Located along Abra Kalinga National Road, this well known bridge connects municipalities of Tayum and Dolores.  Did you know that the bridge was named by a Presidential Decree No 422 signed by the late President Ferdinand Marcos entitled “NAMING THE BRIDGE ACROSS THE ABRA RIVER LINKING THE MUNICIPALITIES OF TAYUM AND DOLORES, ABRA, AS “DON MARIANO MARCOS BRIDGENAMING THE BRIDGE ACROSS THE ABRA RIVER LINKING THE MUNICIPALITIES OF TAYUM AND DOLORES, ABRA, AS “DON MARIANO MARCOS BRIDGE”

5.      Explore the SIBUD-SIBUD cave

For cave enthusiast, a newly opened Sibud-Sibud cave should be part of your itinerary. Located at Tineg Abra, this cave is still considered to be unexplored by many and is reachable along the road going to Tineg proper. Just like other caves, several rock formations can be seen. However, one should be creative enough to imagine these rocks do look something. As of the moment, further exploration of the cave is recommended in order to properly manage its existence.

Just a concerned tourist reminder, be prepared by bringing appropriate gears and to proper take care the cave by not damaging or writing anything in it.

6.      Be dirty with a DIRT BIKE

In coordination with the Abra Enduro Club of Bangued Abra c/o Mr. Joy Lalin, dirt bike was one of the modes of transportation we used as we reached most of our tourist destinations at Abra. For those who wanted to try something new, dirt bike is a MUST ride at Abra and this is different from a normal “habal-habal” ride. Surely, the roads reaching to the destinations might be undeveloped and muddy but riding the dirt bike can make the experience a little bit exciting. Who wouldn’t love extreme anyway, right?

7.      Rock climb the PIWEK ROCK formation

Do you appreciate rock formations made of limestone? Then Piwek Rock formation is perfect place to be at Abra. You may identically consider Piwek as similar to those limestone rock destinations near Manila but what differentiates it from the others was its ranging water which is ideal for water rafting/tubing. There are also rock edges which are perfect photography site.

8.      Be comfy at ORIGINES hotel

There are many hotels around Bangued Abra but Origines Hotel served as our hotel for the weekend. It is very comfy and spacious which can accommodate for a minimum of four (4) persons per room for a minimal fee. It also has a restaurant and conference room, which is good for meetings and celebrations.

An air conditioned room (good for 4) can cost around PhP1,800.00/room while non-air conditioned cost PhP800.00/room.

For more information, you may visit them by clicking here.

9.      Get a little extreme on a MILITARY truck

Throughout the year, UAPH has been traveling to different places in the Philippines using different modes of transportation that is available and this event is no different at all. Military truck has been our primary mode of transportation around Abra not just because we wanted to be special butthe tourism sites are mostly located on secluded areas which requires a heavy duty vehicle. Personally, a 4x4 vehicle may do but it will be a struggle. The roads going from one tourism site to another are mostly muddy, uphill and rocky which makes the military truck a perfect vehicle which would make it a one of a kind experience.

10.  Fall in love at KAPARKAN a.k.a MULAWIN FALLS

Probably the highlight of our tourism exploration in the province so far, Kaparkan Falls or also known as Mulawin Falls is a rice-terraces like waterfalls. It is described as such since it is similar to the famous rice-terraces in the mountain province. What differentiate one from another is that Kaparkan Falls has a clear sky blue water for every terraces. The falls extends for almost a kilometer and situated in the middle of the falls is a gigantic Balete Tree thus, making the whole site worthy to see.

These are just some on the tourism sites that can be explored at Abra. We strongly encourage every traveler to put Abra province on your next list of province to explore. As for the whole store of our experience, it will be posted in a separate article in the coming days.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank sir George “Joy” Lalin (globe – 09275609121) who, through his efforts, made this memorable experience possible. We at UAPH commend your efforts to make Abra Province a must visit tourist destination this 2016.

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