ATULAYAN Island: The distant island in the SUR

ATULAYAN ISLAND: The distant island in the SUR
By: Nickson Garcia

When someone says Camarines Sur, a popular tourism destination comes to every travelers mind. But did you know that apart from Camarines Sur’s famous group of islands is an “untold” island destination waiting to make its mark in the overwhelming tourism industry of the province. This island is called, ATULAYAN located at Brgy. Nato municipality of Sagnay, Camarines Sur.

Travel time will take roughly about ten (10) to eleven (11) hours of land and water ride. After a long travel, this clear blue waters and white sand shores will welcome visitors. However, just last December 2016, a strong typhoon hit the island which caused several damages such as fallen trees and houses. In fact, there were some electric posts that were down thus resulting to the community’s usage of generator for a period of time until power is restored.

Speaking of community, the other side of the island has a community wherein you can interact with the locales and buy some needed supplies for I think most houses has a “sari-sari store”. Activities such as swimming, snorkeling and beach bumming can be done on the island. Of course, “photo ops” and other fun activities maybe done depending on needs.

Due to what the recent typhoon caused, resorts were being repaired just in preparation of this year summer. Bathing water might be a difficulty but when you get back to the main land, you can use the facilities of the barangay to cleanse yourself.

This is an island which you can enjoy over a daytrip but if you prefer to stay overnight, then you may do so.

Yet another “untold” island destination waiting for its promotion to the public was visited because with Untold Adventures PH, we always discover the untold.

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