FANTASTIC CHEF: Limitedly, Unlimited

FANTASTIC CHEF: Limitedly, Unlimited
By: Nickson Garcia

Korean influence is enormous in the Philippines! From music, lifestyle, media and now, they are making waves in the food industry. Most popular are the Korean BBQ restaurants that are found in almost every part of the metro. With numerous K-BBQ resto, it is really hard to identify which is the "best of the best".

Recently, Untold Barkada went to Malate, Manila and tried one of the household names in the field of Korean foods, the Fantastic Chef! A sister-company of Fantastic Baka located across ABS-CBN Quezon City.

For a price of PhP499.00, customers may enjoy ten (10) different cuts of meat. An additional PhP50.00 would give customers two (2) additional meats.

1. UNLIMITED Skirt Meat
3. UNLIMITED Jowls Meat
4. UNLIMITED Seasoned Pork Neck
5. UNLIMITED Pork Belly
6. UNLIMITED Thin Pork Belly
8. UNLIMITED Spicy Pork Bulgogi
9. UNLIMITED Seasoned Chicken BBQ
10. UNLIMITED Spicy Chicken BBQ

Just ADD PhP50.00 for Beef
11. Beef Plate
12. Seasoned Beef Plate

Side dishes
4. UNLIMITED Lettuce
6. UNLIMITED Steamed Egg

(based on experience)

4.5★ over 5★:
From sauce to side dishes to meats served, everything was delicious. In fact, side dish alone is worth the taste and can fill your tummy. The meat genuinely marinated makes it even tastier. The food alone can easily stand out with other Korean BBQ in the metro. 

4★ over 5★:
Easily found along Remedios circle. Parking is limited. I thought at first the restaurant was small but if you went further inside, there were still additional space to eat and it was spacious. Interior was suits the style of Korean restaurant. Surprisingly, I did not smell meat after we ate.

4.5★ over 5★:
The service crew was attentive and they gladly assisted us on the process of cooking and described us what we were eating.

Value for Money 
5★ over 5★:
With UNLIMITED meats and side dishes for a price of PhP499.00/PhP549.00, it was all worth the money! "Unlimited foods for a limited tummy"

Come and visit Fantastic Chef located at 1st floor 590 Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila, Philippines.

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