Making coffee in coffee makers, the easiest and fastest way to get a flavored drink. But oddly enough, there also have their own nuances and little things that should be considered if you want to achieve a good result.

Proper coffee is the key to success.

It's no secret that the main condition for a tart drink is properly selected coffee . His choice depends on the type of your coffee machine. For drip coffee makers, it is better to use finely ground grain, whereas in automatic coffee machines you can fill in whole grains, they will grind them themselves.

COFFEELIFIOUS helps to find your best coffee machines and tips to make coffee. Capsule machines are very popular.

For them, you need to buy special coffee capsules. For coffee makers with a filter, only medium-ground coffee is suitable, since the use of fine-grained grain can clog the filter, which will prevent liquid from passing through the sieve.

Making an invigorating drink

Insert the filter into the machine. For each model of coffee makers, you need to select your filters that fit the size. It should stand like a glove, not frowning, not to speak at the edges. If you do not have disposable filters, they should be periodically cleaned.

Before you pour the coffee in the filter, you need to decide on the desired strength of the drink and the required amount. Usually it is accepted to pour one tablespoon of ground coffee on one cup. It needs to be slightly smoothed with a spoon, without tamping. You control the amount of coffee yourself, based on your taste and preferences.

After the coffee is filled, you need to pour the right amount of water into the tank. It is necessary to pour strictly to the maximum mark, no more, no less. A large amount of water will spoil the drink, and a smaller one will make it bitter. Water quality is also important, it is good if the water is filtered. But the main thing is that it should be clean and cold.

If you want to get a flavored drink, pour a cup into which you will pour the finished coffee with boiling water inside and outside. So the drink will become more delicious and rich.

Then you need to insert a flask on the stand and press the start button. Always ensure that the filter and bulb are installed before switching on. When the drink stops dripping, you can start drinking it.

When using a coffee maker, it is important to remember that you cannot open the lid and take out the filter holder at a time when water under pressure passes through the coffee, and let the machine rest for five minutes before brewing a new batch and turn it off. After making coffee in the coffee makers, discard the contents of the filter and rinse it.