The Untold Experience With ASUS Zenbeam E1 Projector

The Untold Experience With 
ASUS Zenbeam E1 Projector
By: Nickson Garcia

Travel necessities varies depending on the destination of a traveler. When I started travelling 11 years ago, it was only about hiking and its gears. Then I tried underwater activities and recently, just plain basic travelers' needs (maybe it comes with age).

Regardless of what era you are in - (5S') Shirts, Shorts, Sandals, Shades and Shooting gears (a.k.a camera) are the basic necessities that a traveler usually pack inside their bags. With the emergence of different gadgets that adds experience to traveling, a small backpack may not be enough to make an adventure more memorable to some. New, unique and high-end gadget level up the experience.

ASUS, a leader in providing high quality laptops and other gadgets introduced the Zenbeam E1 projector. Basically, it can be used primarily used in two ways. It can be for work presentations or a personalized home theater where family and friends can enjoy inside comfort of your home. Besides its common usage, there are other ways in which you can enjoy the gadget outside its usual territory. 


We traveled to the mountainous province of Rizal where camping underneath the stars are best enjoyed. We set-up the item as our form of entertainment through out the night. Setting up was easy as “plug-and-watch”. We used a tripod to manage its angle while projecting to a white piece of cloth. Zenbeam E1 has a built in speakers that allowed us to hear clearly the video. But if you are watching in a group, I recommend bringing speakers for much more louder viewing. Wouldn't it be much better enjoying a movie underneath the stars.  

We also used Zenbeam E1 during our recent travel to Marinduque province and stayed at the beautiful Exotic island view resort at Torrijos. Set up was made at the shore area while the Untold Barkada ate foods and drinks while enjoying the cool breeze of the beach and again, underneath the stars.

(Take note that the Zenbeam E1 box only includes HDMI to HDMI port. Thus, if you will be using the video from your cellphone to the projector, there is a need to purchase an HDMI to your connector port. For me, I bought an HDMI to Type C port.)


Probably the best thing with Zenbeam E1 is that is it compact. You can actually carry it in the comfort of your pocket. I remember the days when projectors were as big and heavy as a 16-inch television monitor. But with the size of 83 x 29 x 110 mm, Zenbeam E1 would never be a hassle anywhere you go.

What better way to test its portability was to use it during extreme activity. We went to one of the caves in the province of Rizal and took a test. Crawling, duck-walking and climbing the dark caves of Pamitinan Cave was hassle-free even when the Zenbeam E1 was inside my pocket. But of course, I needed to take it out and used it as my cave light as well. 


In addition to the usual use of Zenbeam E1 as projector, it can be also used as a powerbank! Yes, you heard it right! It has a USB port that can directly charged any kind of smartphones. 

(based on experience)

I find it amusing that a projector can be carried anywhere comfortably and used in so many ways. It can be a great alternative of having a typical movie night with your loved ones outside the cinema where you can lay down and be comfortable. Although the projector may not be as clear as what can be seen in your laptop or cellphone, the wide range projection viewing definitely makes a good feeling as if you are watching in a movie house. 


  • Display Technology: 0.2" DLP
  • Light Source: R/G/B/LED
  • Light Source Life (max): 30000 hours
  • True Resolution (native): WVGA (854x480)
  • Light Output (max): 50 lumens
  • Contract Ration: 3500:1
  • Color Saturation: 100%(NTSC)
  • Display Colors:16.7M
Projection Lens:
  • Throw Ratio: 1.4
  • Projection Distance: 0.5-3.7 meters
  • Projection/Screen Size: 16-120 inches
  • Project Offset: 100%
  • Zoom Ratio: Fixed
Video Feature:
  • Keystone adjustment: Digital (Up to +/- 40 degree
  • Auto Keystone: Yes
  • Aspect Ratio: Auto/4:3 / 16:9
  • Projector Placement: Front Table / Front Ceiling/ Rear Table/ Rear Ceiling
Audio Features:
  • Built-in Speaker: 2 W x 1
  • Power Consumption:
  • Power On Mode: ≤24 W
  • Standby Mode: <0.5 W
  • Internal Battery: 5 V, 6000 mAh, Battery life: 5 hours @ 50 lumens *1
Noise Level:
  • 30 dB (Standard mode)/ 28 dB (Theater mode)
  • Signal Inpu: HDMI, MHL
  • Audio Output: Earphone out
  • USB Port: 1 x Type A port, *2
Mechanical Design:
  • Chassis Colors: Silver
  • On-machine Buttons: Yes, ()
  • Tripod Socket: Yes
  • Physical Dimension (WxHxD): 110 x 29 x 83 mm
  • Box Dimension (WxHxD): 170 x 135 x 95mm
  • Net Weight (Esti.) 307g
  • Gross Weight (Esto.):880g
Operation Temperature:
  • 0-40C
Operation Humidity:
  • 20-90%
  • Carrying Bag
  • HDMI cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card
  • AC plug

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