LOUISE CAFE: What You Look For In A Café

LOUISE CAFE: What You Look For In A Café
By: Nickson Garcia

What do you look for in a café place? Is it the cool ambiance? astounding views? spacious area? affordable prices? or may be small things like strong WIFI connections, availability of power outlets, comfortable chairs, availability of board/card games, etc. or the common, such as the coffee selections or the food offerings? Whatever it is, there are factors that affects one decision in looking for their suitable café hangout place.

A new café just opened over a month ago and it is located at #7 2nd floor Congressional Quezon City, the LOUISE CAFE! It is family-owned who serves their very own home cooked meals and drinks thus, turning their passion into business.

With so many existing café in the metro, it is hard to distinguished one from the other. But here are some reasons why Louie's Caf
é should be the one you look for in a café.

1. Coffee and Tea Selection

Let us start with the obvious reason why people go to café and that is the coffee itself! Louise café offers wide variety of excellently served coffee and tea. Their most recommended are the ones called "exclusives", the GLUHWEIN and SOJU COFFEE. Gluhwein are Germany's traditional drink hot red wine with spices while Soju Coffee is a Korean Soju with Espresso with Heavy Cream Topping. Who says, only high class café serves this kind of drink, right?

What sets them apart with most of the café is that the customers have the freedom on how they want their coffee and tea served, whether hot, iced or blended (frappe/smoothie).

2. Food Selection

Normally in a café, foods served were those considered as comfort foods such as Nachos, Fries, and Sandwiches. Here, you can order food from appetizers, entrees, pasta and pies. A must try would be the following: American Back Ribs, Roast Beef, Lemon Buttered Fish Fillet, and Seafood Carbonara. 

Customers can spend all day and night here with the variety of food choices. Their foods were recipes from their own family which makes it really delicious and "homey".

3. Freedom for anyone

Louise café is not just a food or drink hub but it also offers different activities for customers to enjoy depending on their needs. They have well-known board games for family/friends who are into games. There is also a guitar instrument for those customers who are into music and would want to serenade fellow customers.

This can also be a better place for students who prefer studying in a café or young professionals who looks for a comfort place to dine and work . They have a Strong WIFI signal which is primarily what customers look for in a café.  They also have numerous power outlets so customers need not worry about losing their gadget power.

Quiet time or bond with your friends/families, Louise café can cater your preferred needs. 

4. Feeling of Belongingness

Unlike other café around, Louise let every customers feel they belong. There is a "hall of fame" cup wall wherein regular customers who at least visited them for three (3) times would get their very own personalized mug that they can design and use everytime they visit.

Another good thing is that, this mug gives the "hall of famer" customer a PhP10.00 off discount upon purchase of coffee. Ofcourse using the their personalized mug.

Telephone Number

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 12:00am
Sunday: 2:00pm to 12:00am

On-Going Promos
1. Buy ONE large drink and get another one at 50% OFF
2. Get a FREE regular sized drink on your 2nd drink when you "hugot" when it is raining
3. Louise Cafe is now on FOOD PANDA! Download the app and look for Louise Cafe for delivery.

Surely, this café may struck customers into making it their next "hangout" or "own" place. We surely did, and we will surely come back. 

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