HITO-GO: A First Timer Verdict

HITO-GO: A First Timer Verdict
By: Nickson Garcia

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word "hito" or "catfish"? I am a Pescatarian (a person who eats only veggies and seafood) and to be honest, it is rare that a seafood restaurant serves a dish other than the usual. So when I was invited for this food adventure, I was hesitant that a "hito", which has a misconception of being a kind of fish living in dirty places (even cemetery) can be eaten. Who am I to judge right? To taste is to believe, right?

The establishment of Hito-Go can easily be found. It is near Mercury Malinta and beside Gemz Acrylic. It is situated in a place of everyday people passing-by so you won't miss the bright yellow sign.

We were introduced to the owner of Hito-Go, Chef Lucky. Besides owning Hito-Go, this young chef-businessman also owns at least twenty (25) pawnshop called Top Gadget (a pioneer in gadget pawning), wellness spa and boutique. A true businessman who found passion in food service.

Chef Lucky gave us a brief introduction why he ventured into this business considering he has other businesses; "I was six (6) years old when our hito farm started at Bustos Bulacan. We were the suppliers of hito from Bulacan to Tuguegarao and I wondered why not instead of supplying hito, we sell it cooked" I studied business management at University of the East and then took Culinary at Lyceum afterwards. It was then I realized that my passion in business is in the food industry. 

There was some of us who were first timers to eat "hito" because of the usual misconception. "I assure every customers that all our "hito" are clean because we have a hito farm and that is where we get our hito. From farm to table service." said Chef Lucky. With this, I was confident that their hito were clean and fresh.


Bilao Packages
Bilao (Small) - PhP349.00 (good for 2-3persons)
Bilao (Medium) - PhP649.00 (good for 4-6persons)
Bilao (Big) - PhP1,049.00 (good for 7-10persons)

What's in the Bilao?
Crispy Hito
Grilled Liempo
Chicken Inasal
Bangus Alacombre
Steamed Tahong
Binukadkad na Pla-Pla
Steamed Okra
Steamed Sitaw

Bucket Packages
Three (3) pcs. - PhP239.00
Five (5) pcs. - PhP399.00
Seven (7) pcs. - PhP549.00

Must Try
Hito Sisig
Hito Kilawin
Hito Buckets
Chinicharong Hito

Valenzuela Branch: 
1 Llanado St. Brgy. Malinta, Valenzuela City

Malabon Branch:
190 MH Del Pilar St., Santolan, Malabon City

Contact Numbers

Opening Hours
Valenzuela Branch: 
Sundays to Monday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Malabon Branch: 
Sundays to Monday 11:00am to 10:00pm



They serve two (2) kinds of hito depending on your preference. The Crispy hito and the Inihaw na hito. Both are delicious with no unwanted smell. The Crispy hito was very crunchy but not messy while eating the Inihaw na hito was delectable. You can really taste the juice of the hito when it is cooked inihaw. Regardless, both are surprisingly good. Also, do not forget to ask for the special sauce, it made the hito taste even better.

Never imagined that I will be enjoying Hito-Go's hito. Now I learned that misconceptions about the hito were wrong. I would not mind traveling back to Valenzuela with my friends and enjoy a chill night with Hito-Go!

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