BOSS BURGER REPUBLIC: Confidently Yummy With A Heart

BOSS BURGER REPUBLIC: Confidently Yummy With A Heart
By: Nickson Garcia

Everyone thought we have seen the last of this burger, but we were wrong, it's back! and it is back with our all time favorite juicy burger choices in a still very affordable price. Boss Burger Republic, owned and operated by Mr. Lionell Mabbayad or better known as "boss", reopened its operations last 10 August 2019 after nearly over two (2) years of hiatus. 

This small burger joint offers one of the yummiest burger that a customer can taste and in very affordable price. It is so juicy and full of flavorful sauce and toppings that one can't imagine how this burger can be sold at an affordable price.

When asked what sets Boss Burger Republic apart with other burger joint, Boss Mabbayad has this to say; "All the proceeds of our sales will be for the benefit of a charity I am supporting, the Share-A-Heart Foundation.". Probably that is one reason why this untold diner has been receiving support from its locale community because it is for a cause.

But if it is for a charity, then it is acceptable if they will be selling it above the usual price. "We partnered with some of the biggest restaurants in the country in order for them to sell their products to us in a lower price because they know where the proceeds of my sale goes. And at the same time, the taste would not be compromised, said by Boss Mabbayad.

Indeed, this is probably the most delicious and affordable burger you can ever try! From the burger, the nachos, the drink and even the sauce are all yummy. 


Burgers (Burger With Nachos and Free Bobba Juice)
Beef Burger 
Butter Burger
American Rissoles
Caramelize Burger
Bbq Burger
Beef taco Joes
Squeeze Burger
Hollywood Burger
Coronado Burger
Broadway Burger
Bulgogi Burger
Beef & Bbq pork Burger
Angus beef Burger
Aldub Burger
Darla Burger

(With Tin Garlic Bread And Free Popping Bobba Juice)
Garlic and olive oil Pasta
Beefy Pasta
Bacon and Cheese Paste
Sundried Pasta
Green Pesto
Tuna Pasta

Beefy Cheese
Cheese Ham
Pizza Bacon
Salted Egg Pizza
Bbq Pizza
Bulgogi Pizza
Cheese and Spinach Pizza
Darla Pizza

Milk Tea
Dark Chocolate
Popping Bobba (Apple Green, Honey Lemon, Dalandan, Calamansi)

Rice Meal
Sausage w/ butter rice
Longganisa w/ butter rice
Burger w/ butter rice
Stir Fry Pork w/ butter rice
Bacon & Cheese w/ butter rice

349 Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Contact Numbers

Opening Hours
Daily 5:00pm to 10:00pm


I can imagine that this burger joint exist somewhere in Mandaluyong city. It is truly underrated! Everything that were included in the set meals are yummy and worth every bite. Plus, customers eating are able to help the people in need at Share-A-Heart Foundation.

On my next article, we go back on how Mr. Lionell "Boss" Mabbayad came up with the idea of Boss Burger Republic and I tell you, it is a wonderful story.

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