YUMMY TOKYO: The Unlimited Ramen Challenge

YUMMY TOKYO: The Unlimited Ramen Challenge
By: Nickson Garcia

Want to satisfy your cravings for Japanese ramen? What if for a certain minutes, five (5) of your favorite Japanese flavored-ramen can be eaten for FREE, will you accept the challenge? Located at the very heart of the famous eating haven, Maginhawa a new Japanese food place offers one of the best tasting ramen in a very affordable price - presenting Yummy Tokyo.

Its creation started when one Japanese national noticed the love of Filipinos for ramen. He left the corporate world to enter in the food industry and opened Yummy Tokyo. 

Currently, they are known for the Unlimited Ramen Challenge. This challenge would require the participants to eat five (5) of bowls of ramen for two (2) hours. Successful eaters would be rewarded of bragging rights and FREE meal for all the 5 ramen consumed. Failure means payment of PhP399.00 but it is still affordable, right? As of the moment, there are few people who has beaten the Unlimited Ramen Challenge and you can be one of the few to be included in their RAMEN WALL OF FAME.

But if you want to eat ramen at the comfort of your home, Yummy Tokyo also offers DIY-Ramen Kits and you can make your own ramen anytime, anywhere.



Ramen Overload - PhP179.00
Miso - PhP149.00
Spicy Miso - PhP169.00
Tantanmen - PhP189.00
Curry - PhP189.00
Cold Ramen - PhP149.00

Onigiri - PhP59.00
Pork Adobo
Roadhouse Chicken
Spam Mayo
Spicy Tuna


2 pcs - PhP39.00
6 pcs - PhP99.00

Make-At-Home Ramen Kits
Miso - PhP129.00
Spicy Miso - PhP149.00
Tantanmen - PhP169.00
Curry - PhP169.00
Cold Ramen - PhP149.00

Tektite Ortigas

*Soon to Open
Regis Katipunan
BGC Taguig

Opening Hours

Maginhawa Daily 4:00pm to 12:00am
Tektite Ortigas Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Yummy Tokyo offers a cool concept of Unlimited Ramen Challenge for PhP399.00 but even in the absence of the challenge, their ramen are already tasty and can level what authentic Japanese ramen taste like.

Recommended ramen flavor would be Tantanmen but their Cold Ramen is a must try as well. Looking for a perfect cold and rainy weather food, why not go to Maginhawa and try their Unlimited Ramen Challenge and be part of the Wall of Fame.

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