DAMPA SEAFOOD GRILL: Putting Style In Your Usual Kamay-Kamay

DAMPA SEAFOOD GRILL: Putting Style In Your Usual Kamay-Kamay
By: Nickson Garcia

Everybody loves seafoods and what better way to enjoy this food is through Filipino style Kamay-Kayan.

Dampa Seafood Grill recently opened its doors to Filipino's. Yes, you heard it right "opened to Filipino's"! This is because Dampa Seafood Grill was founded in Dubai on the year 2012 and has been a popular restaurant to Filipinos and foreigners due to its food, presentation technique and picture-worthy interiors. In 2018, it has expanded and opened another branch in Abu Dhabi, still in the country of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

71 Scout Limbaga, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

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Daily 12:00nn to 1:00am


It is unusual that this restaurant originated outside the country considering that its concept is truly Filipino. However, this "dampa" restaurant differs in so many ways compared with other similar restaurants.

Interiors are so lively and colorful. Once a customer enters and stays, he/she will never stop appreciating every corner of the restaurant. Every end can be a picture-worthy background.

Probably, the technique of their food presentation is one thing that gives customers the "wow" factor. It is served traditional Filipino style of kamayan with mats (instead of banana leaf) spread all over the table then afterwards, the service crew will pour the foods on the table on a stylish manner. Plus, they have a very comfortable eating gloves.

Dampa Seafood Grill is definitely on the top of the list of a must visit place in Tomas Morato that customers would keep coming back.

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