VONCHOK KABKABAN: Grilling Your Favorite Street Foods

VONCHOK KABKABAN: Grilling Your Favorite Street Foods
By: Nickson Garcia

Ihaw-ihaw! A cooking method well-known in the Philippines which means "to cook on charcoal". This was the inspiration of our next restaurant feature in the city of Cagayan De Oro named Vonchok Kabkaban. I am a pure Manileno and when I heard of this restaurant, I easily wondered what it meant.

"Vonchok" is a name combination of the owner namely, Von and Chok while "Kabkaban" is a bisaya term that refers to a "place of grilling" (lugar ng pinagiihawan). Thus, the name of the restaurant was derived.


Ihaw-Ihaw Dishes
PhP20.00 - Pork with Fats
PhP25.00 - Pork more on lean meat
PhP65.00 - Chicken Pa-a
PhP70.00 - Chicken Pecho 
PhP40.00 - Chicken Wings 
PhP12.00 - Special Isaw
PhP  7.00 - Regular Isaw
PhP15.00 - Chicken Skin
PhP15.00 - Chicken Liver
PhP15.00 - Chicken Gizzard
PhP18.00 - Chorizo
PhP20.00 - Hotdog
PhP90.00 - Pork Sisig with egg
PhP120.00 - Sinuglaw
PhP130.00 - Tinulang Tuna
PhP50.00 - Chicharon
*Tuna Belly/Panga

PhP85.00 - Fruity Float
PhP85.00 - Mango Float

*Price varies depending on weight

Rotunda Branch, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines
Carmen Branch, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

Opening Hours
Daily: 7:00pm to 5:00am

Contact Number


Vonchok Kabkaban offers a wide variety of "ihaw-ihaw" choices. Customers might think that since it is a grilling place then they only offer the basics like barbeque, hotdog, and isaw. Apart from it, they offer foods such as the Tuna Belly/Panga (I must say, that was one fresh Tuna Belly I tasted). Chorizo and one of their best seller, Tinulang Tuna.

The Chicken choices were also delicious as it can compete with well-known "ihaw" restaurant in Manila. But what sets Vonchok Kabkaban from other "ihaw" place is their special sauce. Specially made by the owners, the sauce tastes sweet with a little kick of spicyness that customer would definitely kept on asking for a refill.

Lastly, it has a very affordable price. Customers always want their money's worth. With Vonchok Kabkaban, their foods were big and freshly grilled/cooked upon service.

Finding for a hang out place with drinks and affordable "ihaw-ihaw" foods? Visit Vonchok Kabkaban now at their two (2) branches at Cagayan De Oro.


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