BAI's LECHON: Not Your Cebu Originated Lechon

BAI'S LECHON: Not Your Cebu Originated Lechon
By: Nickson Garcia

The word "Bai" which usually means "brother" is a term originated from the beautiful island of Visayas, Philippines.  Arguably known to be the province that offers the best-tasting lechon, entrepreneur Mr. Dexter Ding, who hails from the province, decided to bring its natural taste to Manila. 

Founded in 1 December 2014 and currently on its 5th year of operations, Bai's Lechon has already established several stores in the Metro and we were given a privilege to be invited in the grand opening of their 2nd retail store located in Fairview.

Bai's Lechon is not your ordinary "Cebu-originated" lechon. In fact, Dexter established the very first Bai's Lechon in Alabang. This was due to his and his father's cravings for native lechon Cebu. Apart from the usual lechon servings in Manila, Bai's lechone is served best even without gravy or lechon sauce. Because Cebu's lechon are best served as is.

Cebuano Breakfast (with Java rice and Egg)
Danggit Silog PhP49.00
Squid Silog PhP49.00
Bacon Silog PhP49.00
Extra Egg PhP20.00

Lunch Meal (with Java rice and Soup)
Lechon Meal PhP120.00
Chicken Meal PhP99.00
Humba Meal PhP69.00
Shanghai Meal PhP59.00
Siomai Meal PhP49.00
Extra Rice PhP20.00

Ala Carte
Lechon Piso per gram 
Chicaron Bulaklak PhP35.00
Fried Wings PhP25.00
Ngohiong PhP12.00
Sausage PhP12.00
Lumpia Shangai PhP10.00
Siomai PhP8.00

House Specials
Boneless Lechon Cebu (Family Size 4-5pax) PhP820.00
Boneless Lechon Cebu (Barkada Size 10-15pax) PhP1,950.00
Boneless Lechon Cebu (Party Size 20-25pax) PhP3,200.00

Pungko-Pungko Set (Small Size 4-5pax) PhP449.00
Pungko-Pungko Set (Medium Size 10-12pax) PhP799.00
Pungko-Pungko Set (Large Size 15-20pax) PhP1,199.00

7 Fairlane St. Fairview Quezon (insude LG2 Autostation)

Contact Details (For Delivery)


Bai's Lechon is indeed a taste of Cebu's lechon brought to Manila. From the outside of the store you can really smell the aroma of the Lechon. Tasting it was different, as the saying for lechon Cebu goes "masarap kahit walang sauce" lived up to its expectation.

Lechon Cebu lovers need not anymore crave for its authentic taste, it can be delivered right at the place you have for they offer a delivery service too. So for Quezon City barkada, have a taste and call Bai's Lechon Cebu now.

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