SARANGGANI BAY: The 15-Minute Cooking Challenge

SARANGANI BAY: The 15-Minute Cooking Challenge
By: Nickson Garcia

Cooking may take a lot of time for some, especially for young-working professionals who would rather spent their time doing other things than preparing and cooking their own healthy and delicious meals. I myself is guilty of that! However, I found a quicker way prepare and cooked your favorite meals using the delicious and healthy bangus that I just found out. Presenting, Sarangabi Bay Prime Bangus.

Here are three (3) easy Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus dishes you can do at the comfort of your home.

Seafood Sarangani Bay Ramen

Sarangani Bay Boneless Milkfish Belly
Ready Made Ramen (courtesy of Yummy Tokyo DIY ramen kits)
Boiled Egg
Crab Sticks

1. Boil water for five (5) minutes
2. Add Ready Made Ramen
3. Add Sarangani Bay Milkfish bellies, Boiled Egg, Nori, Crabsticks and Shrimp
4. Stir and Simmer

Sarangani Bistek Bangus

Sarangani Bay Boneless Milkfish Belly
Clover Garlic
Sliced White Onion
Soy Sauce
Lime Juice or Calamansi Juice

1. Saute garlic until golden brown
2. Add onions
3. Add soy sauce, water and lime juice
4. Add Sarangani Bay Boneless Milkfish Belly
5. Boil for 2 to 3 minutes
6. Reduce and simmer until the fish are cooked firm.

Sarangani Basil Bangus

Sarangani Bay Boneless Milkfish Belly
Cloves Garlic
Basil Leaves
Lime Juice or Calamansi Juice

1. Add oil to heated frying pan and then cook the Sarangani Bay Boneless Milkfish Belly until golden brown for 5 to 6 minutes.
2. Saute garlic until golden brown
3. Add basil leaves
4. Add lime juice
5. Reduce and simmer

As a pescatarian, my most common source of protein is fish and it really makes it hard for me to find a perfect seafood that would suit my taste. Honestly, it is my first time to try the product of Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus and it did not disappoint me. Whatever kind of cooking you made with it, the product tastes delicious and fresh. It fact, I really enjoyed my dinner that I would not mind spending at least 15 minutes of my time cooking a Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus product.

About Sarangani Bay
Our name is synonymous with the marine sanctuary we call home: Sarangani Bay. Here in our corner of Southern Mindanao, the pristine waters have been witness to our long years of expertise in aquaculture and the trust and reputation we have earned in the local industry. We are proud to be the Philippines' largest processor and exporter of premium quality bangus as well as many other processed seafood products.

Sarangani Bay is bred and cultured to perfection by Alsons Aquaculture Corporation, the only fully integrated farm-to-market fish processing operation in the country. We started in aquaculture in 1988 and developed and managed our own fish hatchery, grow-out operation, and processing plant - all on the same farm site. This is why we can offer our customers full product traceability and end-to-end quality control, from farm to processing plant and all the way to your kitchen.

Sarangani Bay's reputation for consistently high quality packaged seafood products is well known overseas. This goes back to our beginnings, when we started out and built our brand in the United States. Today, we have the widest global reach, with 70% of our product exported to international markets. The rest are sold and distributed to local retail and food service customers, which have continued to grow since we expanded our local operations in 2005.