VARRA RESTO BAR: The Untold Resto Bar At GueVarra

VARRA RESTO BAR: The Untold Resto Bar at GueVarra
By: Nickson Garcia

To San Juan city residents, P. Guevarra is a new place for food haven. With various restaurants of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, I myself have been to the street oftentimes and found some of the nicest restaurant that I still visit until today.

A new restobar opened its store to food lovers who also loves to drink and chill. It all started from gamers of BreakrOne Internet Cafe looking for comfort foods while playing games. Instead of ordering from the outside, Varra grabbed the opportunity and existed.

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Must Try
Crispy Shrooms
Nachos Overload
Messy Fries
Classic Carbonara with pouched Egg
Chicken Pesto Marinara
Soy Garlic Chicken
Honey Siricha
Sizzling Sisig with Egg
Steak Salpicao

Private Rooms
VIP - Php20,000.00 consumable good for 25pax
Lounge - PhP35,000.00 consumable good for 40pax

333 P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro Manila

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday 6:00pm to 2:00am
Friday to Saturday 6:00pm to 3:00am

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One of the must visit new resto bar is Varra. They have a very enticing interiors, relaxing vibes, accommodating staffs and delicious set of comfort foods and drinks. One that amazed me was the "hidden" function room. When I wanted to have a private moment (party) with my family and friends, there is an available room complete with TV, consumable drinks, private CR and own waiters that are ready to serve you.

This is one place I would keep coming back with my friends.

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