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Completing all 81 province in the Philippines are considered by many Filipino travelers as their ultimate travel goals. In order to achieve those goals, proper planning of schedules, budget and other matters needs to be done. Specifically in Mindanao, traveler may have hard time completing the province due to transportation issues and safety but did you know that there are provinces in Mindanao that can be explored for 3 nights hassle free? These are the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Lanao Del Norte and Bukidnon.

Here is a sample itinerary of how we manage to check-off from the list these 3 provinces.

Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental

Location - Opol, Misamis Oriental
Opening Hours - Wednesday to Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Contact Details - 0917-6777667
Price Range - Adult (Weekday PhP799.00; Weekend PhP999.00), Kids (Weekday PhP499.00; Weekend PhP599.00)
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Built at around November 2017, this pirate-themed waterpark comprises of over twelve (12) thrilling slides that people of all ages may enjoy. For those who are not into extreme slides, they also have a dual wave pool, lazy river for those who want to relax  and many more family friendly amenities. It is much advisable to visit during weekdays for it may get crowded on weekend.

Kagay White Water Rafting
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One of the must do activity is White Water Rafting. Approximately, a half day activity where a person rides an inflatable raft that navigates in Cagayan De Oro river. The risk of getting overthrown in the rushing Cagayan's water is what makes this experience a must try. Feel the rush and excitement with family or friends. An activity that one will surely be for keeps.

Iligan, Lanao Del Norte

Location - Maria Cristina Boundary Road, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte
Opening Hours - Currently Closed but talk to the security for a possible passage.

Standing almost 100 meters high, this enchanting Mindanao waterfalls is situated at National Power Corporation that powers the Agus VI Hydroelectric Powerplant which gives supply to most area of Mindanao.

Location - Brgy. Buru-an, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte
Opening Hours - Opens Daily

One of the well visited falls in Iligan for it is accessible along the main highway. It may not be that grandeur compared with other falls located in the city but its meters and gush of water coming down is enough for one to enjoy its simple beauty. Cottaged and swimming pool area are located near the falls. Families and friends can enjoy an afternoon of picnic while appreciating the view of the falls.

Location - Brgy. Linamon, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte
Opening Hours - Opens Daily

Easily amongst the grandest waterfalls in the country. Standing at least 80 meters highest of strong gushing water hitting its basin. Activities such as swimming, rafting, cliff jumping can be made in the waterfalls. They also have a picnic area for family and friends to appreciate more its beauty. Just be prepared on the journey for getting their would require someone to ride a habal habal for at least half an hour and trekking descending at approximately 500 steps. Better get those legs worked out!

Location - Brgy. Buru-an, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte
Opening Hours - Opens Daily

A big disputes between Iligan and Bukidnon is still ongoing on who really has jurisdiction of this majestic waterfalls. But considering that Iligan has been a "waterfalls haven" for travelers, it would be more appropriate to put it on Lanao Del Norte portion of this write-up.

Some may consider this off their itinerary but with proper planning, exploring Limunsudan Falls would all be worth it. Stading at least 300 meters in height, this two-tiered waterfalls can be appreciated from a viewpoint area and most on its basin. Expect meeting a tribal leader who will pray for your safety, trekking for at least an hour (depending on your speed) and strong downrush of waters that swimming in the basin needs extra precaution.


Location - Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
Opening Hours - Opens Daily 7:00am to 6:00pm

This family-friendly forest park in Bukidnon is a common destination to first timers in Bukidnon. It offers activities such us freefalls, canopy glider, roller zipline and the Asia's 1st longest dual zipline. Tour packages ranges from PhP1,200.00 to PhP2,850.00 depending on one's preference.

Appreciate nature at its finest when travelling to Dahilayan. Passing by plantations of pineapple, corn, etc. while overlooking the monstrous mountains of Bukidnon. It was a sight worth remembering and visiting.

Location - Ipasugong, Bukidnon
Opening Hours - Opens Daily

Green green green!!! Everything in this place was green! Looking for a peaceful, painting-worthy landscape view, and the childhood dream of owning a ranch? Look no further for this perfect place suits one's dream.

Communal ranch is a government-owned property located in an unnamed area in Ipasugong, Bukidnon. Traveling here by commute could be a challenged but their are available transportation and the best recommend is a habal-habal. The road could be steep and dangerous yet upon reaching it could leave everyone speechless. Activities as horse-back riding is the more appropriate thing to do here. Act like a cowboy and stroll around this huge hectare of land.

This has been a favorite movie film setting for some Filipino movies but everyone can enjoy this place at a minimal cost. It is much recommended to spend at least hours on this place to relax and enjoy. It is seldom that someone may have this kind of peaceful experience in Bukidnon.

It is never difficult to plan out and finish one's 81 province. Proper planning always keeps a traveler on track with its schedule and finances.

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