CAR DOCTOR: Modern Technology in Autocare Industry


Car Doctor is a product of love for cars. It is a result of more than 20 years of successfully creating a name in the auto care industry under the name "XTI Fuel Station" since 1998. Car Doctor's first branch will open on February 2020 in RJTC Compound located in 80 Visayas Avenue Barangay Vasra in Quezon City.

Car Doctor boasts of the most modern technology in the auto care industry specializing in Lubrication, Wheel Alignment, Underchassis and Car Maintenance, which will be operated by the best auto expert professionals.

Car Doctor currently have 6 bays: 2 bays for Lubrication, 2 bays will be for Wheel Alignment & Underchassis and the last 2 bays are for Mechanical Works. Car Doctor also offers "WCR Windshield Crack Repair and "PDR" Paintless Dent Repair services.

Car Doctor also boasts of the best customer experience. A Customer's Lounge is located inside anchor store Tea 101 which serves original Taiwan bubble tea and some Chinese food. All can consecutively monitor car service bays by CCTV inside the air conditioned lounge while enjoying free WIFI, Netflix and music.

They also have another 100m restaurant operated by Netflix' famous Celebrity Chef, Myke Tatung. Chef Tatung is the Chef behind Talisay Garden cafe in Maginhawa Pandan Restaurant in Tomas Morato and The host for the show called "Simpol".

Car Doctor Services Offered

  • Wheel Balancing
  • Tire Repair
  • Rust Proofing
  • Aircon Repair
  • Electrical Repair
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Break Repair
  • Suspension Repair
  • Under Chassis
  • Engine Tune-ups
  • Change Oil
  • Computer Engine Scan
  • Nitrogen Air

Ways to avail Car Doctor's VIP Card

Car Doctor also offers exclusive VIP card (valid for a year) to its valued persons and exclusive discounts, perks and privileges awaits for its members. Any of the following options can be made in order to avail the card.
  • Change oil either Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic
  • Mechanical Services worth at least PhP4,000.00
  • Purchase of VIP card for PhP800.00

Taking care of your vehicle should be done on a regular basis in order to avoid untoward incidents. Car Doctor is a recommended auto care center to bring your vehicle. The place is well-maintained, it has a comfortable waiting area offering delicious foods, the machines and gadgets used were modern and they have professional and well-trained mechanical experts who knows every needs of your vehicle. They next time you scout for an auto care center, look for Car Doctor.


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